Mad Richard ~ Krueger

Mad Richard
Lesley Krueger

Available at libraries near me: Hartford Public Library, Library Connection consortium

Further information and reviews at Goodreads

I don’t remember where I first read about this book. Though I don’t generally buy fiction for the collection, I saw this written up somewhere, and decided we ought to have a copy. One of the selling points was that it has an independent Canadian publisher, and I’ve started looking for selections beyond the mainstream. I’m a fan of historical fiction, and this one had some good reviews.

On page 13, we are still being introduced to Richard Dadd. He’s an artist, and murderer, now spending his days in Bethlem Royal Hospital. Dadd and Charlotte Brontë meet in the first chapter. Page 13 is in the second chapter, where we are learning about Dadd’s childhood.

I’m not too enthusiastic about this one. My eyes keep glazing over while reading the Richard chapters, I think because there’s just too much detail. At first I was looking forward to the Charlotte chapters, but as I’ve continued (I’m about two thirds of the way through), those are no longer holding my interest as much. I haven’t given up, though. I’m still hoping there will be another interaction between the main characters before the novel ends.

Worth checking out: Hesitant yes. I want it to get better.


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