Composting Basics ~ Ebeling

Composting Basics
Eric Ebeling with Carl Hursh and Patti Olenick

Available at libraries near me: Hartford Public Library, Library Connection consortium

Further information and reviews at Goodreads

We are going practical here. I have been thinking about composting for a while. Operative word, thinking. We recently ordered a number of new gardening and horticulture books, and this one was among them. Will this spur me into action? Time will tell.

On page 13, the authors describe the balance of materials (browns and greens) needed for the microbes to do their composting thing. Not exactly riveting information, but necessary. Also on page 13 is a photo of a wire bin and a caption about storing greens or browns for future use. I am never a fan of repeating information, and this photo/caption combo does just that. It is a technique used in a few ways throughout the book; I find it distracting.

This is the first book I have finished. I would say “read cover to cover,” but I did pretty much skip the chapter on worm composting. Overall, it is a decent introduction. I feel like I could have Googled the topic and found the same information, though. Many pages may be skipped if you are not building the particular type of item (bin or screener) for which they are providing instructions. I think they overdid it with construction detail.

Worth checking out: Yes, but not a must-have for anyone’s personal collection.


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