Gardens of the High Line ~ Oudolf and Drake

Gardens of the High Line
Piet Oudolf and Rick Darke

Available at libraries near me: Hartford Public Library, Library Connection consortium

Further information and reviews at Goodreads.

Last year, to celebrate our 40th birthdays, one of my best friends and I bought tickets to a Broadway show, and spent the weekend in New York. On Sunday, before boarding our respective modes of transportation home, we took a walk along the High Line. While I did enjoy the walk, that really wasn’t my primary impetus for purchasing the book. It seemed like it could be a good guidebook, especially since, as this year-old Facebook post mentions, one of the many ideas floating around for Hartford’s I-84 viaduct is to create something akin to the High Line. Already we have the garden at Phoenix Plaza (official name?) which does something very similar.

On page 13, we are still in the book’s introduction. There is a paragraph that aptly describes what you will find on the forthcoming pages.

[The High Line] is a hybrid space, built on contradictions: it’s an art museum on an industrial structure. It’s a community space running a mile and a half through several neighborhoods. It’s a botanical garden suspended over city streets. Unlike Central Park, it’s an immersion in the city, not an escape from it.

Kind of like the library for which I bought the book…The book contains essays, and great photos of the High Line in all four seasons.

Worth checking out: Yes (both the book and the High Line itself)


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