By Any Name ~ Voigt

By Any Name
Cynthia Voigt

Available at libraries near me: Hartford Public Library, Library Connection consortium

Further information and reviews at Goodreads

In seventh grade I wrote a letter to Cynthia Voigt, inviting her to come visit my English class. We were doing some sort of author project, and she was the subject of mine. As you might expect, she was unable to attend. However, she did send me a handwritten reply! It was handed to me in homeroom, and I remember being so excited, I immediately went to show my English teacher.  I read the Tillerman series multiple times, and loved The Callender Papers, but it has been quite some time since I’ve read anything of Voigt’s. On a recent trip to a bookstore, I saw By Any Name on the new books table. I read on the back cover, “Award-winning author Cynthia Voigt has penned a novel for readers who grew up loving her Newbery Award-winning novels for children and young adults.” That would be me. A check of the library catalog revealed we didn’t have a copy. Since I can’t possibly be the only one who fits the above description, I decided I’d add one to our next book order.

On page 13, it’s World War II and Mumma, an orphan raised in a California convent and now with the USO, and Pops, a Naval Lieutenant from Louisburg Square in Boston have just met. Given their names, and that the story is being narrated by their daughter, it’s pretty much a given that they will be getting married.

I quite enjoyed this book, especially the social commentary. The daughters are trying to understand their mother, and while you never quite know what to expect ahead, it’s an enjoyable ride.

Worth checking out: Yes


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